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01.   What is the minimum / maximum amount required for starting Export - Import Business?
02.   I don't have much Funds; still can I do this Business?
03.   How much Profit / Margins I can earn and in how much period?
04.   What type of Firm / Company I should establish (Prop. / Partnership / LLP / Private Ltd. etc.)?
05.   Can I do this business in my individual name?
06.   Whether to enter into Export or Import Business?
07.   What item to Import?
08.   What item to Export?
09.   Can I Export / Import my product through Courier?
10.   How to send Export Shipment and Custom Clearance?
11.   Do I need to open a Bank Account and what type of Account?
12.   In which bank I should open my Account?
13.   Banker is not opening Current account of my Firm being it's a Proprietorship Firm but not
14.   Banker is not issuing the Certificate as prescribed in the Foreign Trade Policy.
15.   What are the initial Govt. / Licensing formalities required to be completed?
16.   What are further formalities required to be completed and at what stages?
17.   What are the Govt. fees and Professional charges for completing all such formalities?
18.   Do I need a Commercial place for doing Export - Import Business?
19.   How to make my payments safe against Export?
20.   Against Import, how to ensure Quality, Quantity and Delivery etc. if advance payment has to
        be made.
21.   How to find a buyer?
22.   Can you get me an Export Order / Foreign buyer for my products?
23.   Should I participate in International Trade Fairs & Exhibition in India or Abroad?
24.   Should I advertise in Export - Import Magazines in India / Abroad?
25.   Should I need to register my Company and its Products on Trade Promotion Websites like etc.?
26.   Should I develop a Profile and Website of my Firm?
27.   Do I need to take SGST, Excise or any other such Registrations etc.?
28.   I have a ready Order but no Export-Import License / Permission, can any other Company who
        have IEC No. etc. Export - Import in his name on my behalf?
29.   Can I get a Business Visa for visit to a specific Country for Export - Import Business?
30.   I want to Import certain item but I don't have a Source / Supplier?
31.   Can you help me for Local Sourcing of Products for Exports?

Other FAQ's

01.   I got an Export enquiry for my products, how should I Quote and finalize the Order?
02.   I am already exporting certain products but now want to increase my Exports to more
        Countries hence needs more Buyers?
03.   I have already exported my Products but now how can I claim Export incentives?
04.   My certain export payments are stuck up and the buyer is not releasing the payments against
        my Export bills.
05.   The buyer is not taking delivery of export consignment and it's held up at the Foreign Port.
06.   I am a manufacturer of certain products which I am already supplying to local Dealers /
        Companies in India, who in turn Export the same in their name. How can I Export directly?
07.   What are the Packing / Packaging standards?
08.   Should the samples be sent free of cost or against payment?
09.   We could not fulfill our Export obligations, what should we do?
10.   I want to open a Firm / Company in India with Foreign / NRI Investment?
11.   I want to open a Branch / Representative / Trading Office of my Company, abroad?
12.   I need to Import Technology from abroad to manufacture certain Product in India but I don't
        have a Source?
13.   I want to manufacture certain Product in India with Foreign Collaboration / Joint Venture with
        a Foreign Party?
14.   We are setting up a Star Category Hotel / having existing Hotel and want to Import certain
        Equipments, Furniture etc. for the same. Can we avail some Duty Benefits?
15.   We are manufacturer and supplying our Goods in India to the Units under EOU / STP /
        EHTP / BTP / Power Projects / Refineries and certain other Agencies against ICP. Can we
        avail some Duty Benefits against such Supplies?
16.   We are manufacturer of a certain Product and want to be an OEM's Supplier for a Foreign


01.   Classification of a Product and Tariff Head / ITC HS Code?
02.   Being new to the Exports and First Timer, why the prospective buyer should buy my product?
03.   What is important for entering into Export / Import Field (P + P) for such a Party / Person who
        has lack of funds?
04.   What are the Govt. Incentives and Schemes for Exporter's and how can I avail these?
05.   Banks and other Financial Institutions Schemes for financing for Export - Import Business?
06.   If and how banks can extend finance to start Export / Import Business?
07.   For conducting Export Import Business and Transactions, how many and which Agencies /
        Departments are involved in general?
08.   What are the most important factors for proper Costing of a Product and to make Export
        Competitive Price?
09.   Merchanting / Third Country Exports.
10.   If there is any Export Duty on Export of my product?
11.   Is there any Quantity and or Export Price restriction on my product?
12.   Is there any other specific Restriction / Condition against Export and or Import of my
13.   Pre-shipment inspection required or not?
14.   What are the regulations for realization of Export proceeds?
15.   What are the Import duties in the Country of Import against Export of a specific product from
16.   What are the requirements / restrictions / conditions in the Country of Import against Export of
        a specific Product from India?
17.   How an Exporter / Importer is affected / benefited by RTA's / FTA's / NTB's / WTO's etc.
18.   What should be the Payment terms?
19.   What should be the Delivery terms?
20.   Being a Trader/Merchant Exporter - Vendor's Development and Outsourcing. How to manage
        Quality, Specifications, Quantity, Packing, Price and Timely Deliveries?
21.   How to manage our Shipment Files and Data?
22.   If I need to have a proper Export Contract signed with the Buyer?
23.   I need to Import or source from Domestic Supplier, Machinery and or Spare Parts for my
        existing machinery, for the purpose of Export Production. How can I take benefit of Custom /
        Excise Duty?
24.   Can I get an Indenting Agency / Representation from a Foreign Company for Selling /
        Marketing their Products into India?

(This is just a Brief List of Questions for the Beginners and First Timers. For Export - Import Trade there are numerous other Questions and Issues which crops up due to various reasons on case to case basis while transacting this business in its totality)










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